About the Company

Formed in 2001, New House Title conducts business in all 67 counties in the State of Florida.  Some of the services we offer include the following:

> Foreclosed Property Sales
> Purchases
> Refinance Transactions
> Title Examinations
> Title Searches and Abstracts
> Title Commitments and Policies
> Title and Legal Curative Work

About Title Insurance

Process Description

We know every Client may want something different; therefore we can tailor our services to meet anyone’s needs. We are dedicated to providing superior service to each and every one of our clients. Learn more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about REO and Foreclosure Closing and Title Insurance. Learn more...


It was great working with all of you. From start to finish, this transaction was the best I’ve been through.
A Realtor from Florida Realty

Thank you both very much for ALL you hard work on this file. I know this one was a challenge and I appreciate your ongoing professionalism.
Highlight Realty

I must say that anybody I worked with at New House Title was outstanding during this transaction. Your people are responsive, courteous and helpful. Please convey my thanks to all involved.
An individual

I wanted to give you some strong PRAISE on the Processor’s behalf. I was very much hoping to move the closing up from a 9/25 date to as early as possible. The Processor was able to keep the process moving along, and we closed almost 2 full weeks early. The Processor was able to use her obvious experience and knowledge, along with outstanding customer service, to make this happen. I know that I was pushing relatively hard to make this happen. I hope that I was not overbearing. Even so, the processors was pleasant and worked quickly together with our lender to get this done early. We are VERY PLEASE with the result. Thank you so much to the processor and New House Title for the EXCELLENT service and support

Just wanted to ..comment on how professional and courteous the closer has been in this transaction. Everyone I dealt with represented your firm in the most professional manner. It is a pleasure to deal with a "First Rate" Company.
A Realtor from Exit Realty Metro

Thank you. I completed the survey after closing and gave both the closer and processor glowing marks. You did a fantastic job and I want you to know that I appreciate it. My most sincere thanks for a very smooth transaction.
A Realtor from The Real Estate Office

I just wanted to let you know what a great job everyone did on getting this one to close on time. It was not an easy one but everyone stayed on top of it and closed even though it was after hours.
A Freddie Mac vendor

Thank you so much You really helped move this loan file along smoothly with your professionalism and quick follow up. It was a true pleasure working with you.
Benchmark Mortgage

The closer did an awesome job handling the closing. We enjoy an excellent relationship with New House Title. We appreciate your support.
A Realtor from Herbert Fisher Realty

Thank you for all your assistance with the purchase of our new home. Your personal attention to this matter has made us really feel welcome. It was a sure pleasure dealing with New House Title from the start to closing. Buying a house is one of the biggest events you do in a life and you sure have made it a pleasure. Thank you!
An individual

Thank you so very much for your complete professionalism with assisting us. Couldn’t have gone any smoother on your part. It has been a real pleasure and honor dealing with you!
A buyer

Thank you so much. The Title Company did a great job. They bring a lot of information for the buyers and we are very happy!
A Realtor from LaRosa Realty Team

It was an awesome experience to have worked with all of you in this deal. It has been by far the fastest REO deal that I have closed in the last two years. It was like we have been rehearsing this to perfection and we got it ‘PREFECT’. Awesome feeling to be able to exceed your clients expectation. Great Job!!
A Realtor from Evergreen Properties

Thanks for being on top of things and handling everything so promptly. My buyer said that you have been one of the best, if not the best, closing agent that she has ever dealt with. You have given her all the paperwork that she has needed promptly, and answered all of her questions quickly. She has really enjoyed working with you. My buyer and I purchase dozens of properties each year and she really felt that you stood out among all the agents we deal with. I appreciate all of your hard work with this deal.
A Realtor from Realty Executives

Thank you. New House is great to work with, we never have any issues, very responsive!
A Realtor from Nautica Realty